The origin story of Hey Coach

Throughout my career as an athlete, a coach, an educator and an engineer I'm my best when I show up prepared. From racing on the world stage to presenting at conferences, teaching, and managing large infrastructure projects, I engineer excellence when I sleep soundly, fuel appropriately, get moving (usually outside and in nature) and am present in the pursuit of what I'm doing. I want to share my secrets of success with you, how you can engineering excellence in your pursuits, whether those be goal events, big projects at work, performance expectations or just your day-to-day journey.

Here are some of the lessons from the various facets of my life I hope to impart to you as we work together: 

The Mind Body Connection



How to you blend coaching and motivation in a classroom? I helped students manage the demands of a demanding engineering curriculum. 

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Competing as part of Team Canada I had access to great resources from our integrated support team. I want to share what I learned with you to help you in your life.

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From construction to road safety, I've had a lot of fun working. Balancing a professional running career with engineering consulting, I want to share how I managed it all.



When working with athletes I always ask them three things at the end of the session:

1. What did you like?

2. What did you learn?

3. What can we do different next time?

I have my best day when ...

During my tenure at the Canadian Sport Institute completing my Advanced Coaching diploma, I focused my studies and project on improving mental training. While skill development was a fundamental part of the training I'd previously completed, nothing about the mental aspects were shared with me. At the time, an emerging trend demonstrated that athletes simply didn't have the tools to prepare mentally the same way they did physically. I sought to find a solution. Working with the athletes I created a template called 'I have my best day when.' Along with these young athletes we explored mindset, diet and nutrition and sleep patterns. This seemingly simple exercise highlighted that we don't often do this, whether it's setting an intention for a practice, how we'll go about our days, or planning for our goal event and I started to practice this in my own life.  If we write out what we need for success it's more likely we'll achieve it.

Let us help you have your best day too 

Our mission at Hey Coach is to work alongside you to help you show up prepared for success at all of life's events. Whether it is a goal race, important performance, a milestone project at work, or how you show up for your family each day, we want to help you become a better version of yourself.

That's why we've set our values to help you:

1. Personal Growth - With our holistic coaching approach will help you build a more resilient mind, a more courageous heart and a more robust body.

2. Collaboration - We dive into your life, together, to highlight your unique strengths that make you, you. 

3. Compassion - We're here for you. We know things don't always go to plan, that limitations may make things more challenging in your life.

4. Joyful - Life is better with a smile on your face. Our coaching approach ensures that fun is at the foundation of what you do. 

Our coaching approach, like you, is unique. First we start with your strengths, then we look at strategies to reach your goals, and finally we help you close the gap on those unexpected challenges that catch you by surprise.

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