Helping Coaches, Parents and Athletes Advocate for Thriving Environments

Sport is at a crossroads. Claims of toxic and unsafe environments are headlines in mainstream Canadian media. What precipitated the decline of these thriving athlete environments is unknown, but athletes inspired by the #MeToo movement started to speak up. Coaches are a significant factor in creating healthy daily training environments, parents play an indirect role in these training environments. At this crossroads while there is a demand for more accountability in sport we also need to give athletes, their parents, and coaches the tools to create safe, healthy environments for athletes to thrive. As a parent what are the right questions to ask your child about practice? As an athlete what boundaries do you need to set and when these are crossed how do you speak up? As coaches how do we create safe training environments with boundaries to create mutual trust and respect? Hey Coach will give you custom tools to help you as an athlete thrive, as a parent to help your child athlete thrive, and as a coach to create safe environments for athletes to thrive. 

Hey Coach's Thriving Environments Pillars

At Hey Coach we define High Performance living as showing up to live through a lens of excellence, always striving to wake up as a better version of yourself. You can engineering your excellence through the tenets of high performance living - sleeping soundly, feeling the machine, mindset matters, get moving & human connection. Let us help you through these five actions items to become the best version of yourself.

Mutual Respect
Prioritizing Safety
Mindset Matters
Foster Connection

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We'll sit down with you one-on-one to figure out what's best for your unique needs to help you engineer excellence in your life.

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We'll sit down with you and your team to help you maximize your team strengths to reach a common goal.

Large Group

Working with your mission,  values we'll help your organization continue to work toward a shared company vision. 

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